See what’s actually happening

Take control of your operations with clear visibility into the work activity that flows through your ERP.

Get visibility of work activity for your business in real-time

Our custom sensors capture all relevant work activity happening within your ERP system. When do activities start? How long do they take? What is being done, how fast, and by whom?


Understand the timing of tasks and workflows

When you can see how long it takes to execute each step in the order process, you can create fair benchmarks and achievable goals for each team member and the organization as a whole.


Track how much work is getting done

Operations managers can keep their finger on the pulse of the business, and each employee can track their progress toward their own goals.


Make fair comparisons and better goals

Not every order is simple or straightforward. Measuring task complexity adds a necessary layer to your view of productivity within the business and helps create realistic goals.

The visibility you’ve been looking for

Level up your team’s performance.