“It’s like an MRI for your ERP.”

Our AI-powered tool enhances system notes and automatically creates objective visuals of process performance and system usage so that you can start impactful analysis minutes after install.

Discover, measure, and prioritize with ease

Now, you can quickly uncover valuable insights for your business almost effortlessly.

Map automatically

Let Chassi do the tedious work of mapping and visualizing your as-is process automatically. All you have to do is choose which processes you want to see.

Monitor cycle times

Shorten cycle times by seeing how long it takes to go from milestone to milestone within the process. Then, dive in to figure out exactly what is causing delays.

Measure wasted work

Understand which fields are changed the most, which cause the greatest impact on cycle times, and which could be the best candidates for automation.

Try Chassi for yourself

Get a taste of how Chassi gives you instant understanding of your NetSuite usage.

See system usage in minutes, not months

Access a record relationship map instantly after install to determine which records you use and get a clue about what happens outside the system.

Model process performance automatically

Get an objective understanding of as-is processes in a matter of minutes, using AI and machine learning .

Identify where processes get stuck

Quantify how long each step of the process takes, break it down by median and average times, and see which ones are exceptions.

Quantify how much is changing

See how many field changes happen in each process, and use these insights to decide where to apply automation for the most impact.

See high-level processes instantly

View a summary of process performance right on the homepage, so you know how things are going the moment you log in.

How it works

Chassi connects to NetSuite in minutes, enriches the system notes, and automatically models your past and present processes in real-time. No mapping, mining, or shoulder surfing required.




See how we compare to other solutions

It’s tough to fit Chassi into any existing box or category. So until we create our own, feel free to look at us side-by-side with some common solutions.

Process Mining

Robotic Process Automation

Business Intelligence

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