A continuous MRI for your business processes

Our AI-powered tool automatically creates objective visuals of process performance so you can start impactful analysis just hours after installation.

Discover, measure, and prioritize with ease

Now, you can quickly uncover valuable insights for your business almost effortlessly.

Automatically map your business processes

Get an objective understanding of your “as-is” business processes in a matter of minutes, via push-button install and AI modeling.

Identify where processes
get stuck

Quantify how long each step of the process takes, identify variance and poor performance, and understand why costly outliers occur.

Measure the impact
of change

See inefficiency in each process, take actions to streamline and automate, and measure your improvements automatically.

See process

Get an objective understanding of as-is processes in a matter of minutes. Understand all the different ways you’re executing your crucial business processes and immediately identify what’s not going right.

Identify where processes get stuck

No more manual cycle studies – automatically see how long everything is taking across every step of the process. Get instant insight into the median and average cycle times at a glance, then drill into individual outliers with one click.

Perform work

Know why certain approvals take too long or where complex orders bog things down. See down to the field level where certain records are being reworked, leading to opportunities for workflow improvement and automation.

Prove the ROI of
your changes

Watch in real-time as the impact of your improvements takes hold by observing faster cycle times, less variance, and eliminating rework. See across every department involved in the process and align teams with a single source of truth.

Ensure adherence to best practices

Configure alerts and get notified anytime something takes too long, or the process isn’t followed. Continuously measure how you’re performing against your SLAs, monitor all your key business processes, and manage by exception.

How it works

Chassi connects to your ERP in minutes, enriches the system notes, and automatically models your past and present processes in real time. No mapping, mining, or shoulder surfing required.




See how we compare to other solutions

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