See what you can control. Know how to improve it

Plenty of your Quote to Cash is outside your control. But what about the parts that are within it? With Chassi, you’ll understand what you can do to improve your Q2C and condense your DSO.

Discover, measure, and get paid sooner

The internally controlled parts of your Quote to Cash are your Operational DSO. Make it shorter, get cash faster.

Compress cycle times

Shorten your Operational DSO by seeing how long it takes to go from milestone to milestone within the process. Then, dive in to understand which handoffs or integrations cause delays.

Eliminate rework

Understand how team members working over each other or changing fields repeatedly affect your cycle times. Surface those problems and decide which ones to automate.

Increase compliance

Lower your risk by seeing exactly how many variations exist within your Quote to Cash process. Then, identify your ideal process and retrain your team.

How do we do this?


See your Quote to Cash, automatically, from day one

Simply set your starting and ending milestones, select any filters you want, and see every matching process (and how many follow each specific path) in seconds.


Easily know where something’s getting stuck ​

Gauge the health of your Q2C by setting a goal for it, streaming in data from past months, and using our AI to see which sections run smoothly and which ones need some attention.


Set benchmarks from the get-go

Stream data from the last three months automatically with Rewind, so you can easily create performance benchmarks right from the start of your improvement project. 


One-Button Install

We would say the installation is instant, but technically, it does take a few milliseconds for our sensors to talk with the system. It really is plug-and-play.

Custom Milestones

Focus on what you want. Decide which business events are most important and that’s all you’ll see within your dashboards

Execution Time

Chassi’s custom timer calculates the active and idle time for users within NetSuite, so you can see how much elapsed time could be compressed.

Real-Time Insights

We’re not talking real-time-after-a-month-of-discovery. We mean that as soon as you log into Chassi, you see your as-is Q2C and can start setting goals.

Live Dashboards

Dashboards throughout Chassi continuously update and stream data with our unique AI, so you never miss an opportunity to improve.

Smart Alerts

Alerts can be a lot. We make sure you get to decide what alerts you want to see, so you can stop issues before they’re problems.

Advanced Filtering

Drill down by employee, customer, and time to see the exact insights you want. Because data isn’t helpful if it’s too overwhelming, right?

Live Stream

If you’re looking for a firehose of information to really dive into every single field change and update in the system, we’ve got that for you too.

Improving your Quote to Cash starts here

The first step toward condensing your Operational DSO is a Q2C Health Check powered by Chassi.

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