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This is what we do

We demystify continuous improvement by showing where to start making changes within core business processes, how those changes are working over time, and what’s keeping you from making money faster.

Because you deserve to understand what’s going wrong within the business and how to make it better. Until now, it’s been almost impossible to do that with ease. We’re changing that.

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This is how we act

While values are important, simply stating them misses the mark. Because values aren’t the point, and talk is cheap. What really matters is what we do.

Here at Chassi, we have three pillars that define our culture: Grit, Character, and Intelligence. These are the legs our culture stands on. Without one of them, it falls. They are our compass for how we act in good times and bad.


Mindset is always in our control. We lean on grit to keep us moving forward.


Your character is what you do, not what you say. We hold the bar high.


Most businesses focus on what you know. We focus on how you think.

Increasing our diversity is a priority as we grow our team

And this is where we’re located

Homebase may be Phoenix, Arizona, but we have team members around the world in New York, California, and Romania.

15333 N Pima Rd Suite 305, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Denny Cushing

Marketing Operations Manager

‘DDLC’ is always three steps ahead of everybody. After growing up in Brazil, Denny became an international man of mystery with an incredibly robust skill set that continues to astound when you learn, “Wait…he can do what?!”. The moment you think, “Wouldn’t it’d be nice if…”, Denny’s already done it, and he’s on to the next thing. The man speaks an unknown number of languages – and he taught himself English at the age of 16 by listening to John Denver tapes! – and that’s not remotely the most interesting thing about him. His willingness to throw himself at new challenges and learn and master what’s necessary to do the job is matched by his infectiously sunny disposition and “let’s do this!” mindset. When you see a call with his name on your calendar, you’ll find yourself excited for it. You want this man on your team.

Justin Dooley


The CFO who took public the fastest growing software company of all time (Siebel Systems), Justin is a strategic guide, mentor, and roll-up-your-sleeves & do-whatever-it-takes leader at Chassi. He brings to bear unparalleled experience, wisdom, and steadiness, along with a deeply appreciated wry wit. Everything for him starts with, ‘what’s the best way to get this done?’ while considering both short-term needs and long-term implications. He’s seen and done so much that he possesses a unique ability to see around corners and navigate challenges. He has a deep bias for action, and he does not impress easily. He also has an encyclopedic knowledge of basically all things, and it’s often quicker to “just ask Justin” than it is to “Google it.” A true polymath, Justin is a highly skilled executive, investor, advisor, amateur pizza chef, and above all, he’s the world’s okayest golfer.

Tara Fagyas

Director of Talent
Tara is a relentless self-starter who attacks ambiguity and disorder and leaves in her wake clarity and structure. Her passion for all things people — spotting and engaging potential team members, building vetting and hiring processes, onboarding, talent development, etc — is evident and inspiring in everything she does. Undeterred by opacity and ambiguity, Tara always engages with intention and focuses on understanding the problem or challenge, identifying where we are, then building our path between the two. She’s an insatiable learner willing to experiment continuously until we’ve got what we need. Then, she’s willing to do so again once change is in order. When you find yourself on a call with her, and she says, “I’ve been working a bit on putting something together…” standby for what’s on the other end of that screen share. She cares deeply about her work and growth as a professional and is a staunch ally to anybody else who does.

Aaron Harrison

VP of Technology

Aaron is the creative visionary and architect behind our product. A mathematician by schooling and trade, he has well over a decade of experience working with and creating technology solutions to solve difficult business problems. A relentless, mission-focused leader, Aaron is able to navigate his deep knowledge of systems, processes, data, and human behavior, and effectively communicate complex concepts into easy-to-comprehend narratives. He always starts with the user and the use cases and works backward to the technology. A former U.S. Marine, Corrections Officer, Forest Firefighter, and amateur boxer who taught himself to code, he’s as equally likely to make you laugh as he is to educate you – in the same breath. He is a leader and mentor we all learn from daily, and perhaps of equal importance, he’s also the unofficial ‘meme lord’ of Chassi.

Mike Harrison

Senior Director of Programs

When something leaves Mike’s mouth with conviction, know that it will be accurate and understood by him at the atomic level. Ever in the pursuit of objective truth backed by data, he brings a heavy and much-needed dose of empiricism to all of his work. An extremely driven while also light-hearted and gregarious teammate, when Mike is ‘on it’, you know that it’s going to be executed as thoroughly and capably as possible. He never cuts corners, he works to understand things from the perspective of our customers, and he is relentless in his pursuit of continuously leveling up our product, the value it delivers, and the experiences realized by our users. A former Apple Program Manager with an extraordinary knowledge of business processes, Mike is a kind man with a big spot in his heart for all things Connecticut, and he actively pushes us forward every day.

Ovy Istrate

Software Engineer
A curious, open-minded pro, Ovy is primarily responsible for making the ‘front end’ of Chassi’s application come to life. His custom SVG visualizations are unmatched, and his willingness to do whatever is required to advance our product, including deep-dive, self-directed learning of complex topics under tight timelines, makes him a standard bearer for the team. Bright, patient, responsive, and extremely efficient, you can count on him every time. An adventurous traveler with wanderlust, when he steps away from work, we all wait to see what part of the world he pops up in. The only time he’s let us down was when he refused to smuggle white truffles out of Croatia. Contrary to popular lore, he is not d’Artagnan of Three Musketeers.

Brad Jannenga

Founder & Executive Chairman

For our Executive Chairman and Founder, Chassi isn’t his first rodeo. Brad founded and built WebPT to be the market leader in web-based electronic medical record systems. Throughout that experience, he faced the challenge of not knowing what was happening for users within the software. He set out to solve that problem with Chassi. Never short on vision, Brad is the type of creative thinker who sees what is, asks why it isn’t better and sets out to make it so. He is a champion of the underdog and the outlier, and he values teams and individuals above technology and all else. His resolve is unbending, while his mindset is immeasurably adaptable. A builder who will always take the road less traveled, he never stops working the problem, and he always has the backs of others who do the same.

Naydel Lopez

Project Manager

Approximately 97% of the time you see Naydel’s name in Slack, the ‘phone icon’ is next to it because she’s on a call hammering away at work with team members. A highly ambitious and driven pro, Naydel’s curiosity is remarkable. She gravitates towards gaps – either in our product, process, or her knowledge of something – and attacks them until they’re filled. She juggles a completely full workload while she finishes her Computer Science degree, and her sunny and infectious disposition never wavers. Whenever you ask her how something is going, you’re likely to get a “No complaints!” with a big smile that you’ll find yourself mirroring. She calmly and confidently brings structure and order to chaos, and she’s always up for injecting or appreciating levity in stressful situations.

Adam Mann

Director of Design

Though you may not hear much out of this ‘silent assassin,’ know full well that he’s taking everything in, he’s developing extremely insightful opinions, and he’s going to floor you with what he does. Adam is an incredibly creative man who will take your half-baked idea and poorly matched analogies, and bring them to life in a way that makes you think he’s inside your head. A devout international traveler, photographer, and entomophile (look it up, then see his photography here), he’s just really fun to work with. When he speaks, everybody listens, and for good reason. He is the picture of accountability and self-critique, and the standards he holds himself and his work to set the bar.

Cristian Odea

Principal Engineer
Cristian is the quintessential 100x’er. An incredibly bright engineering leader, his speed of execution is matched by his learning velocity. Whether a big roadmap item or a spontaneous problem, you will sleep well when you know that “Cristian is on it.” He’s a creative, deep thinker who cares about the problem, not the technology. He’s the consummate team player who will do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission – even if it means leaving the bar at the drop of a hat on Friday night to get it done. Loyal and fearless, resolute and adaptable, he has a cutting, dry wit to boot. When you see “Cristian Odea is typing” in Slack, well, get ready to learn and/or laugh. Likely both.

Adam Poluka


A deeply analytical, curious, and driven team member, there is no problem too complex for Adam Poluka to solve. As a former management consultant with LEK Consulting, Adam has great experience leveraging his creativity and customer obsession to deliver value by any means. A quiet, methodical professional, he is as undeterred by ambiguity as he is excited by challenges. In addition to spending time with our customers, he is also the first team member called upon to tackle difficult problems and novel projects, often working directly with our engineering and product teams to do so. His appreciation for complexity is matched by his appreciation for natural beauty, as the man has visited 27 national parks!

Catalin “Cata” Pop

A man who simply calls it like it is, Cata is an extremely sharp, capable architect who makes our team and our product better every day. Possessive of a dry sense of humor (which is highly appreciated here), when we’re ready to toss out the “first version” of something and really level it up, Cata is the man for the job. Many of our features, sprints, and efforts are named after him – i.e., “The Catapolis” and “The Cata Compromise of ‘22” – as evidence of his influence on the product. He’s an excellent cook with a sophisticated palette, and he truly appreciates a well-executed chimichanga. His exacting, methodical nature and clear, effective communication make him a natural leader we’re very fortunate to have on the team.

Mihai Strejer

Software Engineer
If there’s a way, Mihai, aka “Kid,” will find it. He’s an extremely intelligent, abstract thinker who is very comfortable navigating the gray. We’ve yet to find a problem he can’t solve – and he embraces the challenges that come with that. Not only does he have deep experience with AI and Machine Learning, but Mihai also has incredible range. He can be head-down, hypothesizing a novel way to solve a complex engineering or mathematical problem, then pivot to a call with the SOC2 auditors to work on compliance matters. He’s been with us for several years, and his fingerprints are everywhere on our product.

Andrew Zwerner

Andrew is one of the most humble people you’ll meet, even though his resumé would give him permission to boast. So we, the Chassi team, took it upon ourselves to accurately reflect his awesomeness here. His experiences as a former intelligence officer who served with the Navy SEALs, FBI Special Agent, and business owner have sculpted him into the rare leader capable of inspiring and driving this team toward success. Andrew truly walks the walk. Although he demands a lot from his team, he demands even more from himself and makes that clear every day. As an embodiment of modern stoicism, he turns setbacks into learning opportunities and absorbs every bit of knowledge he can. (Just listen to his erudite vocabulary.) He is the definition of grit, positivity, and support all while being 100% himself. But more than anything else, his Arnold Schwarzenegger impression might be the most boast-worthy.

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