Our mission


Until now, the largest businesses in the world have been the only ones with enough resources to go after optimal performance.

Other companies have been left to wrangle an ever-growing technology stack to (hopefully) help them understand what’s going on and try to improve their performance. Sometimes, they make progress. Every time, the cost, friction, and added complexity are greater than they expected. And rarely does that tech stack actually help them reach their goal. 

We’re changing that.

What we do

Optimal performance for all

Chassi is an easy-to-use AI-powered tool that shows you where to start improving your business and what to focus on moving forward. It automatically models your as-is Quote to Cash and uncovers your Operational DSO — the internally controlled parts of the process. Then you can prioritize improvement, measure the impact, and have the context to increase cash flow control.

How we got here

An entrepreneur, a former intelligence officer, and a CFO walk into a startup…

We wish we could say Chassi had the clear-cut mission above from the get-go. The goal of helping businesses improve has always been at our core. But, honestly, it took years of experimentation and the right people to come together to get us where we are today.

After a remarkable run building WebPT, Brad Jannenga moved on to found this company. His vision was to remove the complexity of building and scaling software applications, so businesses can focus on delivering value to the customers. (You know, the whole reason anyone starts a company.) He created a platform on which engineers could switch and swap the back-end architecture of their apps seamlessly, instead of rebuilding from the ground up with every pivot. 

Brad Jannenga

Founder & Executive Chairman

Andrew Zwerner


Within Brad’s vision, it was the piece that gave unmatched visibility into the customer journey that piqued Andrew Zwerner’s interest. As a former intelligence officer who served with the Navy SEALs, Andrew is an expert in high-performing teams. And he saw the value that this level of visibility could provide. If businesses had that kind of insight into their complex processes, they could unlock optimal performance and eliminate tons of enterprise software pain. 

And, boy, did Justin Dooley know that pain. He experienced a generally accepted lack of process visibility almost every day as the CFO at Siebel Systems and the CEO of The National Institute of Transplantation. When he saw what Chassi can do, he left retirement behind and joined the Chassi team full-time.  

With Brad’s focus on delivering value through visibility, Andrew’s goal of unlocking optimal performance, and Justin’s first-hand experience with the pain we address, Chassi’s mission became clear: Give every business the chance to achieve optimal performance.

Justin Dooley

President & CFO
Who we are

Meet the Chassi team

Over the years, the Chassi team has added more scrappy, driven members to the crew. Each person has brought a unique background and perspective that’s only furthered our mission. And we’re always looking for more gritty, intelligent people with character to make the company stronger.

Caroline Bleser

Director of Client Programs

Evie Carpenter

Director of Marketing

Denny Cushing

Digital Marketing Manager

Aaron Harrison

VP of Technology

Mike Harrison

Senior Director of Programs

Ruth Hawkins

Product Manager

Naydel Lopez

Project Manager

Adam Mann

Director of Design

Want to join the team?

Increasing our diversity is a priority as we grow our team.

This is how we plan to improve.

Our offices

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515 E Grant St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

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13835 N Northsight Blvd #100, Scottsdale, AZ 85260


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