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Use Chassi to cut assessment time in half, increase the quality of design, rapidly test solutions before and during implementation, and measure throughout the engagement.

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Business development

Serve your clients before you sell.

Instead of

Listing off all of the different services you offer to see if any pique your prospect’s interest…

You could

Quickly scope needed improvements and quantify the opportunity cost with a Business Vitals Assessment to increase your close rate and stand out from the competition.

With about a few hours of analysis...

See where they can get more out of their current system and increase efficiency

Identify opportunities for increased training or automation

Spot where they need increased process governance


Increase ease and accuracy during execution.

Instead of

Shoulder surfing, conducting subjective interviews, and pulling your clients away from their day-to-day work…

You could

Condense discovery time to days (not weeks), easily surface low-hanging fruit, and prove the ROI of improvement initiatives.

Throughout the project...

Create more accurate SOWs by quickly finding and prioritizing improvement opportunities based on objective data

Set up benchmarks from the beginning of the project using the last quarter’s data

Quantify the impact before and after improvements to objectively prove the ROI

Managed services

Create profitable, sticky customer experiences.

Instead of

Finishing a project and hoping the client comes back to you the next time something goes wrong…

You could

Increase retention and satisfaction by continually monitoring and catching improvement opportunities with subscription services for customers.

As the engagement goes on...

Get notified of performance trending in the wrong direction before your client knows

Discuss the ongoing and compounding impacts of improvements during your quarterly business reviews

Continually ensure your clients are getting peak performance out of their system

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