Meet your new competitive advantage

Management consultants use Chassi to cut assessment time in half, increase the quality of design, rapidly test solutions before and during implementation, and measure throughout the engagement.

A different methodology with Chassi

Assess with ease. Design with higher accuracy. Measure with confidence. Implement with accountability.


Assess objectively and instantly

From the second you install Chassi, you’ll get high-level and detailed views of your clients’ processes. The few interviews you’ll need after that will be more honest, constructive, and efficient.

Expand your service offerings

Getting people to change is the hardest part of any engagement. Chassi helps you monitor compliance and set smart alerts to know when to re-engage before your client calls for help.

Simply win more customers

With Chassi, you have a truly differentiated approach and experience for your clients. Add in your top talent and unparalleled industry experience, and your competitors won't stand a chance.
How It Works

Focus on adding value. Chassi handles the rest​

While you create solutions, build client relationships, and drive profitability, Chassi is streaming data straight from your client’s ERP to give you an end-to-end, real-time view of your client’s business processes. 

Here’s how: 

  1. A sightglass into what you’ve never seen. 
    • Our sensors connect to an ERP in seconds and immediately begin collecting your client’s as-is processes and past performance. This data is based on how your client’s employees interact with the ERP, something that’s never been captured before.
  2. Process everything as it happens. 
    • We stream this data securely outside of the system, so there’s never any degradation or slow down for your client. Honestly, they won’t even know we’re there. 
  3. Get an all-new understanding. 
    • Using AI, we translate this data into intuitive dashboards, live activity streams, smart alerts, and automatic visualizations that objectively show your client’s business processes with no mining, lengthy assessments, or hypotheses required.

Partner with Chassi

Serve your customers like never before with objective visibility and measurement into core business processes like never before.

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