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Now you can discover, measure, and improve core business processes without friction using Chassi.

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A different methodology

Assess with ease. Design with higher accuracy. Measure with confidence. Implement with accountability.

Assess instantly and objectively

Get objective process-visualizations created using AI and machine learning, and filter processes by timeframe, customer, and individual employee

Uncover and mitigate risk

Continuously stay updated on your team's process compliance without shoulder-surfing, and proactively offer help.

Increase efficiency

Know exactly where bottlenecks are causing leaks in your business and where to start improving your processes.

Chassi streams and enriches the system notes straight from your ERP to give you an end-to-end, real-time view of business processes.

Our sensors connect to your ERP in seconds and immediately begin collecting your as-is processes and the last quarter’s performance. This data is based on how your employees interact with the system, something that’s never been captured before.

We stream this data securely outside the system, so there’s never any degradation or slowdown. Honestly, you won’t even know we’re there.


We then translate the data into intuitive dashboards, live activity streams, and automatic visualizations that objectively show your business processes with no mining, lengthy assessments, or hypotheses required.

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