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Finance consultants and solutions providers use Chassi to discover processes, identify automation opportunities, and start measuring performance for clients in under 24 hours.

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A different methodology

Assess with ease. Design with higher accuracy. Measure with confidence. Implement with accountability.

Assess instantly and objectively

From the second you install Chassi, you’ll get high-level and detailed views of your client's processes.

Expand your service offering

Monitor compliance and performance so you know when to re-engage before your client calls for help.

Win more customers

With Chassi, you have a truly differentiated approach and experience for your clients.

While you create solutions, build client relationships, and drive profitability, Chassi streams and enriches the system notes straight from your client’s NetSuite to give you an end-to-end, real-time view of their business processes.

Our sensors connect to NetSuite in seconds and immediately begin collecting your client’s as-is processes and the last quarter’s performance. This data is based on how your client’s employees interact with the system, something that’s never been captured before.

We stream this data securely outside the system, so there’s never any degradation or slowdown for your client. Honestly, they won’t even know we’re there.

We then translate the data into intuitive dashboards, live activity streams, and automatic visualizations that objectively show your client’s business processes with no mining, lengthy assessments, or hypotheses required.

We’ll be there every step of the way​​

We want you to succeed. Full stop. So we do whatever we can to support you from sales through ongoing engagements.


Webinars, conferences, PR, content, and more. We’ll proudly promote your logo next to ours.

Team training

We’ll do the first few engagements right along with your team, so you can learn how best to use Chassi for your clients.

Sales enablement

We’ll keep your business development team supplied with the latest multimedia Chassi content.

Direct support

You’ll have live access to our team through a shared Slack channel so that we can be as responsive as humanly possible.

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