Chassi for Private Equity

Increase portfolio valuation with unfettered visibility into the performance of all your investments in one dashboard.

Get more control of your investment portfolio

Optimize working capital

Track and manage critical
AP and AR KPIs, and
determine where to
optimize processes that
lead to better working
capital across your

Uncover and mitigate risk

Continuously stay updated
on the process compliance of those managing your investments, without
shoulder surfing

Maximize asset value

Get enhanced visibility and awareness to quickly identify areas to prioritize for increased standardization and efficiency, resulting in a more effective use of your resources.

Track performance metrics

From broad to granular, see the full picture of investment performance and drill down to see more.

Go beyond the financial ratios

Compare head to head your top-performing companies based on:

Sales Effectiveness

Order to Cash Efficiency


Item Velocity

Procurement Efficiency

Shared Vendor Performance

Detailed data at your fingertips

Drill into metrics for individual company performance without the burden of data gathering and reporting.

Predictive cash forecasting

Leverage Chassi’s advanced AI modeling capabilities to more accurately predict when cash will come in, both in aggregate and for each company individually.

You're in good hands

See Chassi for Private Equity
in action

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