Chassi vs Business Intelligence

Chassi delivers actionable, objective operational process insights instantly, and it doesn’t require a proficient user to be valuable. See how it compares to Business Intelligence tools.

What is Chassi?

Chassi captures the interactions between users and objects within an ERP to help you understand a business’ as-is processes, monitor changes and improvements over time, and get alerted when something is heading off course.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is data that software and services turn into actionable insights so business leaders can make better, strategic decisions for their company. BI tools transform this data into dashboards, reports, and visualizations about certain areas of business.

Key benefits of Chassi vs BI

You can’t make forward-looking decisions based on rearview data.


See data that’s never been captured

We’re not exaggerating here. You have never seen data of how a team interacts with the ERP before because no tool has captured it before. But that’s where the key to improving processes and unlocking efficiency and profitability in the business lies.

Automatic and objective

BI tools require a proficient user to create visualizations manually, and they’re subject to user error and bias. Chassi extracts, models, and provisions raw data from your ERP automatically and objectively.

Get alerted if something isn’t working

Yes, Chassi illustrates and visualizes processes and workflows. But you can also easily create custom alerts and goals to start managing by exception, so you know exactly where to focus and if you’re moving in the right direction.


Why choose Chassi?


Process Mining

Data source


Chassi: ERP

Disparate systems

Process Mining: Disparate systems

Quality of data

High-fidelity and complete

Chassi: High-fidelity and complete

Dependent on source

Process Mining: Dependent on source



Chassi: One-button

Days to months

Process Mining: Days to months

Data collection


Chassi: Automatic


Process Mining: Manual

Data sorting


Chassi: Automatic


Process Mining: Manual

Data modeling


Chassi: Automatic


Process Mining: Manual

Data storage


Chassi: Cloud

On-premise or cloud

Process Mining: On-premise or cloud

Data refresh

Real-time and automatic

Chassi: Real-time and automatic

Manual and queried

Process Mining: Manual and queried


Usable by anyone

Chassi: Usable by anyone

Requires proficient user

Process Mining: Requires proficient user

Data visualization


Chassi: Intuitive

Dependent on quality of data

Process Mining: Dependent on quality of data

Drive profitability. Enhance client experiences.

Management consultants use Chassi to provide more value for their customers and stand out against their competition.

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