Go from install to insights in minutes

Now you can discover, measure, and improve core business processes without friction using Chassi, a NetSuite native AI-powered tool.

Discover with ease

Access real-time, objective visuals of every record relationship in NetSuite and start analyzing process performance in as little as 15 minutes. No mining required.

Measure with confidence

Easily see opportunities for additional modules, create benchmarks, quantify rework, and begin tracking the downstream effects of improvements from day one.

Improve continuously

Constantly keep up with your NetSuite process performance so you can proactively deliver solutions before there’s even a problem.

Trusted by the fastest-growing NetSuite consultants

Meet your new competitive advantage

Using ensemble methods, Chassi’s process AI automates formally manual processes


Optimize working capital

Squeeze more cash out of your business to drive period over period profitability and create room for additional growth.

Maximize tech investments

Find out where you're not getting the most out of the technology you're paying for, or figure out where it's worth investing in more tech.

Uncover and mitigate risk

Continuously stay updated on your team's process compliance without shoulder-surfing, and proactively offer help.

Get objective business context in minutes, not months

Instantly get a high-level understanding of how your team uses NetSuite with intuitive,  automatically drawn visuals.

Measure the impact and prove the ROI of your work

Set benchmarks from day one, download reports on hard performance metrics, and demonstrate the ongoing value of your technology investment.

Turn enhanced system notes into actionable insight

Drill down and analyze individual field changes to find opportunities for improvement and automation. 

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