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Instantly unlock atomic-level insights in real time with Chassi’s value creation platform for private equity funds and portfolio companies.

Visibility is a multi-level challenge

Alignment between Fund Operators, Management, and their teams remains an ongoing challenge – keeping everybody from doing their best work. 

Fragmented data

Lack of visibility and comprehension of profit breakdown at various levels makes it challenging to understand profitability when dealing with fragmented data sets.

Overburdened teams

Finance teams are pulled in multiple directions and often lack the resources to promptly answer questions on performance and profitability at the company, fund, and portfolio levels.

Bespoke reporting

Funds and portfolio companies spend significant time on data wrangling, resulting in non-repeatable reporting and productivity loss at all levels.

Improve processes to improve profits​

Chassi’s AI-powered process intelligence helps PE funds and portfolio companies eliminate uncertainties and accelerate the value-creation process by providing visibility into business process performance.

Single source of operational truth

From a high-level view across the portfolio to granular dives at specific departments and processes, with real-time, continuous modeling and benchmarking, Funds, Management, and their teams will now see the same objective view of truth.

Collapse time from discovery to insights

No more wasted time digging for pockets of data across departments and companies. Align fund operators and portfolio companies with insights at every level so you can focus on surfacing timely, accurate answers to complex questions.

Durable, repeatable analytical processes

Manual discovery is a thing of the past. Know what’s happening across businesses and departments at any moment. Substantially reduce time spent on non-repeatable, non-scalable, bespoke work by embedding continuous insight generation into your analysis processes.

A unique shared advantage for private equity funds and portfolio companies

PE funds

From a high-level view to deep dives into individual processes, get more objective insights into the performance of portfolio companies.

Access real-time, continuously updated performance analytics, eliminating the need for manual data collection.

Gain more context into KPIs by comparing your top-performing portfolio companies.

Leverage actionable insights to inform more focused value-creating activities.

Portfolio companies

Improve EBITDA by identifying process roadblocks and operational inefficiencies with unfettered visibility down to the unit level.

Discover hidden opportunities in your business processes to drive growth.

Effortlessly overcome reporting friction to fast-track the flow of business information to PE funds.

Use objective data to promote alignment and catalyze positive change across divisions confidently.

Generate faster insights

Effectively leverage multi-dimensional profitability insights at your fingertips to empower your decision-making.

Take corrective action

Implement proactive strategies to harmonize teams with long-term objectives, promoting greater and sustained improvements.

Deliver better outcomes

Empower your value creation framework and consistently deliver better business and, ultimately, better exit outcomes.

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PE Funds

Portfolio Companies