Get process intelligence in 50% less time

With Chassi, you’ve got a truly differentiated approach for management consulting. Automatically discover processes in real-time, expand engagements, and create better client experiences. 

Here’s what you can do with Chassi

Serve your clients with ease, armed with AI-powered process discovery and modeling.  

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Discover friction-free

No more hunting down issues. Instantly understand your clients’ as-is processes, moment-by-moment.

Accelerate value

No more delays. With faster, richer discovery, you can spend more hours doing what you’re an expert in, helping your clients.

Engage continuously

No more missed opportunities. Easily measure improvement and know when it’s time to re-engage with your clients.

Configure alerts and benchmarks with a click

So, you can easily set goals and monitor changes as they happen.


Finally, see an objective view of actual processes

So, you can maximize your clients’ time and deliver solutions faster.

Increase profitability. Enrich client experiences.

Management consultants use Chassi to provide more value for their customers and stand out against their competition.