Know what you don’t know. And what to do next.

Chassi is a cloud-based process improvement application. With a few clicks, you’ll know exactly what’s going on within the processes that keep your business running and where to spend your attention moving forward.

Your business changes. Your visibility shouldn’t.

See your real-time processes with ease, armed with AI-powered discovery and modeling.  

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Know what’s happening

No more hunting down bottlenecks when it’s too late. Instantly understand exactly what your processes actually are, moment-by-moment.

Find opportunities

Easily identify areas for improvement, automation, and potential risk with high-level, detailed, and historical visualizations of your processes.

Measure improvements

Make sure the investments you make to better your business stick, regardless of your priorities, team, and operations evolving over time.

It’s like an MRI for your processes

Excuse the healthcare metaphor. We have to dip into another industry for comparison because there’s no other process improvement technology like Chassi. See how we’re different from the rest.


Finally, see an objective view of actual processes

So, you can confidently know what’s happening within your business.


Know where to spend your time and resources

So, you can get alerted when something’s heading off course.

Increase profitability. Enrich client experiences.

Management consultants use Chassi to provide more value for their customers and stand out against their competition.