Less hunting down issues. More growing your business.

Chassi shows processes in real-time and surfaces costly exceptions, so you can spend more on creating harmonious operations.

Here’s what you can do with Chassi

With never-before-captured, human-generated data, you get a window into what’s working and what’s not with your team and processes.

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See what’s going on, right now

No more hunting to discover bottlenecks and inefficiencies. See exactly what your processes actually are as they happen.

Know what to do next

No more hidden surprises. Easily set goals and alerts to know how things are trending and when exceptions occur, so you can fix them fast.

Continuously get better and better

No more distractions. When you’re managing by exception, you can move from firefighting to fire prevention and help better the business, again and again.

Configure alerts and benchmarks with a click

Catch bottlenecks before they’re problems and measure improvement as it happens.

Finally, see an objective view of actual processes

Spend less time figuring out what’s wrong and more time creating solutions.