Process intelligence ready day one

Now, you can discover, measure, and improve core business processes without friction using our cloud-based, live process intelligence tool. Get started in under 24 hours.

Discover with ease

See live, objective visualizations of value-creating processes and performance within hours. No mining required.

Measure with confidence

Easily create benchmarks, quantify rework, and track downstream effects from improvements from day one.

Improve continuously

Know where to ask questions and quickly prioritize your efforts over and over as business evolves.

See how much just one day of extra DSO costs

Before you start making improvements, understand what the current Days Sales Outstanding is and what there is to gain.

Know exactly where to start improving processes

Instantly get a high-level overview of processes and see where bottlenecks are slowing things down.

Measure the impact of changes to the processes

Watch how processes flow over time with benchmarks from day one and custom goals to guide your improvements.

Dig deep to fully understand your processes

Drill down to analyze individual field changes to find opportunities for improvmement and automation.

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