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With a Quote to Cash Health Check, you’ll get an objective understanding of your or a client’s as-is Quote to Cash, areas of opportunity, and where to start improving. All in 24 hours.

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Discover the actual Quote to Cash

The first step towards improving process performance is understanding what the processes really are (not just what you think they are). Then, you can decide where to start making improvements.

Shorten your DSO​

Find areas of risk

Discover bottlenecks

Begin by looking at DSO

Your client’s team internally controls every step of their Q2C before they send an invoice. We’ll show you which steps cause the most delay and suggest ways to compress that DSO.

Know which levers to pull to get paid sooner

As any business grows, complexity creeps in. Now, you can see what’s still working and know what you don’t know.


Understand internal changes that could cut days off their DSO.


See how variability in their processes holds a higher potential for risk.


Learn exactly where and how much rework happens in their Q2C.

Root Causes

Find, analyze, and measure what's leading to cycle
time delays.

How a Health Check works

Your client’s busy, we get it! A Q2C Health Check requires less than 2 hours of their time.


Join us for a 30-minute kickoff call to discuss your client’s current NetSuite usage and their goals for improvement.


Install Chassi from SuiteApp.com, and we'll start streaming data from the last
90 days immediately.


Within a day, you'll get the completed Q2C Health Check, and we'll walk you through it on a one-hour call.

Start a Q2C Health Check with a
kickoff call

During the call, we’ll go over what a Q2C Health Check could look like for you, discuss which clients would be ideal candidates, and answer any questions
you have.

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