PODCAST: How consulting leaders can differentiate their firm with innovative technology

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Differentiation can be difficult for consultancies. It boils down to proving your team’s collective expertise is better than your competitors. 

But what if your firm had something different that none of your competitors could claim? 

Our CEO, Andrew Zwerner, shared how consultancies can truly differentiate themselves by using innovative technology to create unique customer experiences and provide more value faster in the latest episode of the Leaders in Consulting podcast with Sammy Gebele. 

You’ll hear: 

  • How to harness technology to stand out from the pack 
  • How to create a culture of innovation within your consultancy 
  • How to assess the potential ROI of emerging technologies and minimize risk  

Listen to the full episode below or by visiting Leaders in Consulting.

And want to learn more about how you can differentiate your consultancy with Chassi? Schedule a call with Andrew here.

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