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Fly the wreckage to the ground

It’s this old aviation adage that reminds Patrick Adesso, CIO of DEX Imaging, to never give up. You never know when things could turn around.

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When Patrick Adesso was in school, a teacher told him to find three passions: one for himself, one to share with his family and one to turn into a profession. Luckily for him, his first passion for technology started when he was a kid with a screwdriver, a knife and an old computer. 

Throughout the years, he’s found the other two passions as well, even though they’ve swapped their roles a bit. His passion for aviation moved from a profession to a hobby while his interest in software took over as a career. But that passion for his family stayed steady throughout.

In this episode, Patrick shares how he’s balanced his many passions, how a chance encounter at a first birthday party set him on the course to being the CIO at DEX Imaging and why an old aviation saying from his dad still serves as a reminder to never give up.   

You’ll also hear: 

  • How computers saw Patrick through his punk, teenage angst years
  • What he’s learned from Dan Doyle Sr., Dan Doyle Jr. and other mentors within DEX Imaging
  • How it felt more like DEX was doing an acquisition when Staples acquired them

If you’d like to hear more from Patrick, reach out to him on LinkedIn.

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