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Buying into visibility

During Chassi's latest Full Circle Conversation, operations leaders discussed how prioritizing their team's happiness ultimately led to greater efficiency.

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During our second Full Circle Conversation last week, a group of operations leaders posed some truly thought-provoking questions and shared philosophies they keep in mind when guiding their teams: 

  • People First: One theme throughout the discussion reminded us to keep people at the forefront of operations even when you’re using tech solutions to increase efficiency. As Lisa Haggard said, “Tech does not succeed unless people succeed.” 
  • Team Happiness vs. ROI: David Drishpon said he’d often ask himself what would make his employee’s days better or worse. When he’d lean into whatever makes them better, he’d see the results in the bottom line. 
  • Walk A Fine Line: Tai Roach looked to the group to give advice on how to understand and oversee her team’s processes and work without making them feel like “people are watching every move.”  

We couldn’t begin to capture all of the wisdom and insight shared during the hour in this email, so we’ve included a recording of the whole conversation for those who want to rewatch or anyone who may have missed it. 

Our next conversation, Learning from Experience: How Prioritizing CX and EX Equally Will Advance Your Business, is coming up on November 12th. We’d love to see you there, so head to bit.ly/FullCircleCX to RSVP. 

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