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Interview: Lisa Haggard on the Stellar One Consulting Star Talks Podcast

Find meaning in the work you do. That’s what Chassi’s Director of Product Strategy, Lisa Haggard, has done her entire life. And that’s the goal of the technology she’s shaping for others today.

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Look forward to:

  • Lisa channeled Annie Oakley as the only female QA Xbox Live Tester.
  • She found the “window to the world” in an early ‘90s computer.
  • She’s building tech to help people transcend their innate ability by leveraging determination.

Hot off the digital press from Stellar One Consulting‘s Star Talks podcast! In this episode, our Director of Product Strategy Lisa Haggard joins Sam Smith to discuss how she views technology as the ‘window to the world.’

Before Lisa was a problem solver, she was a problem starter, challenging her older siblings’ authority when they were tasked with watching over her. When she was 7, her dad brought home a computer — a fascinating concept for that time. She remembers the commercials stating that the internet would be the “window to the world.” Knowing that she could learn the inner workings of this powerful machine and having the ability to virtually explore beyond her smalltown backyard sparked a fire of curiosity. The world of online video gaming opened up shortly thereafter.

The idea of entering a fictional world with individual and team objectives resonated with Lisa. She landed the job of QA Tester at Rockstar Games. As the only female in this role, she was slightly uncomfortable but tapped into her natural competitive nature. Anything the boys could do, she could do better. And she did. Lisa set personal goals for herself to find a minimum of X many bugs per week, while everyone else was just having fun playing video games. Within two weeks, she was promoted to run the Xbox Live testing team, managing a team of individuals that had been there for years. Being a female manager in that industry was no easy task, but she always rose to the challenge.

For Lisa, determination and perseverance are the keys to success. Each career move, from being the number one salesperson at Cox Communications to blitz-scaling online car operations at Carvana, has uniquely positioned her as the incredible product leader that we know her as today. It doesn’t hurt that she deeply cares about people and has a passion for understanding what customers need to make their lives better, which also drives the product she’s shaping at Chassi.

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