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Interview: Justin Dooley on Star Talks Podcast with Stellar One Consulting

Chassi President and CFO Justin Dooley talks about his background and current projects. Justin has a lot of great insights to share.

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We’ve got another episode of Stellar One Consulting‘s Star Talks podcast to share. In this episode, our President and CFO Justin Dooley joins Sam Smith to discuss Justin’s background and current projects. Justin has a lot of great insights to share—not surprising, given the broad scope of his career. Just a few highlights:

As an early executive at Siebel Systems, he helped create a major new software category (what we all now know as CRM). Justin tells the story about how they made their first sales and got to product-market-fit. Things were rocky at first, so in a classic “do things that don’t scale” move, they started doing ride-alongs with sales reps to see the way their customers actually used this new software. Seeing the way that people really used the system (as opposed to how they were supposed to be using it) led to some critical modifications—and a big bump in customer satisfaction.

The episode also covers Justin’s time serving as the CEO for the National Institute of Transplantation, as well as some of the investments he’s been involved with as a Partner at Tarus Capital. Of course, that leads into his current role with Chassi. Justin initially joined the Chassi team as an investor, but soon found that the opportunity was too exciting to resist.

Perhaps because of his experience at Siebel, Chassi’s idea to look within ERP systems and show employees and their managers the work that’s being done inside the business immediately resonated. ERP systems like SAP Business One have so much potential, but a lot of that value isn’t realized because no one knows how the system is being used or who’s using it effectively.

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