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Learning from experience

During Chassi's latest Full Circle Conversation, CX leaders shared stories of seeing firsthand how employee experience directly impacts customer experiences.

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It was only fitting to wrap up this series by reflecting on how to create positive experiences with both customers and internal employees as so many teams are now working remotely: 

  • Distanced But Still Together: How do you maintain your company culture when you’re no longer in an office? This was a common question from several attendees, so Francesca Belmer and Nicole Aguilera shared what they’ve done with their teams: 
    • Kick off the morning with virtual coffee meetings to feel like the whole team is starting the day together.
    • Schedule time to not talk about work in one-on-ones or in small groups.
    • Start each meeting with a question to foster connection. Try ones like “What’s something you appreciated this morning?” Or maybe “What’s your motivation song?”
    • Plan fun events to give your team a break by hosting a virtual game night or Nailed It challenge.    
  • Actions Speak Louder: Yes, it’s nice to say you appreciate your customers, but showing it means more. Like when Jenna Procko’s friend got flowers from Chewy.com after telling them about losing their pup. And Jennifer VanAntwerp shared how Heatshield turned her negative review into a positive one by going above and beyond for her.  
  • Is It Working? Surveying your employees about their experience is one of the best ways to quantify EX and know where to focus your efforts. The two most meaningful prompts on Kirsten Butzow’s surveys are “I know what’s expected of me at work” and “I have a best friend at work.” 

We couldn’t begin to capture all of the wisdom and insight shared during the hour in this email, so we’ve included a recording of the whole conversation for those who want to rewatch or anyone who may have missed it.

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