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Change and change and change

Adaptation was a core business strategy for Chip Miceli, CEO of Pulse Technology. After the pandemic, he says it’ll be the only way for a business to survive.

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Once a month, Chip Miceli goes out, sits on the curb and asks himself what he needs to change about his business, Pulse Technology. He’d recommend any business leader do the same.

But this was something Chip did even before the pandemic turned everything on its head. Because Chip learned back when he was helping his dad first get the family’s office equipment business off the ground (and out of their garage) that adapting and really listening to the customers’ needs was the only way to survive. 

In this episode, Chip shares how he surrounds himself with big idea people, focuses on only three ideas at a time and then asks his team if they’re possible. And, ultimately, how this led him to be CEO of one of the most innovative, respected businesses in the office equipment industry. 

You’ll also hear: 

  • Why, as a business leader, you can’t go it alone anymore
  • How he learned negotiations from his dad and sales from his paper route
  • When he took over the family business, which contract clause he’ll never forget 

If you’d like to hear more from Chip, reach out to him at chip@pulsetechnology.com.

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