Chassi vs RPA

Free up your employees’ time to focus on more valuable, future-oriented tasks by finding opportunities for automation with Chassi. See how it compares to RPA.


Chassi captures the interactions between users and objects within an ERP to help you understand a business’ as-is processes, monitor changes and improvements over time, and get alerted when something is heading off course.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is software that allows people to create and manage robots that mimic human interactions with their software and computer programs. These robots help to increase efficiency and consistency for a company while freeing up their employees to focus on work that requires human expertise.

But this is less of a “versus” than it is a “with.”

RPA and Chassi play very well with each other. In fact, using Chassi before you automate things will increase your ROI in RPA technology.

Key benefits of Chassi with RPA

Chassi helps RPA work even better.


Automate with confidence

It’s a waste to automate broken or unnecessary processes. First, use Chassi to optimize your processes and uncover opportunities for automation. Then, use RPA to free up your employee’s valuable time.

Tell if RPA is working in real-time

Once your automation is up and running, Chassi can help to show you how it’s affecting your overall operational efficiency.

Get alerted if something isn’t working

Set goals and alerts to know if you need to step in and make some changes with your automation.

Increase profitability. Enrich client experiences.

Management consultants use Chassi to provide more value for their customers and stand out against their competition.