Create stickiness with
live performance insights

Throughout the engagement, understand exactly when and where your client needs help, even before they do. 

Chassi Rewind

Set benchmarks during assessment

Stream your client’s historical data automatically with Chassi Rewind, so you can easily create performance benchmarks right from the start. 

Smart Alerts

Know first when they need a tune-up

Set custom alerts to know when your client’s heading off course, so you can proactively re-engage before they know they need it.


See an objective view of actual processes.


One-Button Install

We would say the installation is instant, but technically, it does take a few milliseconds for our sensors to talk with the system. It really is plug-and-play.

Custom Milestones

Focus on what you want. Decide which business events are most important and that’s all you’ll see within your client's dashboards. ​

Real-Time Insights

We’re not talking real-time-after-a-month-of-discovery. We mean that as soon as you log into Chassi, you see every process and can start setting goals. ​

Live Dashboards

Dashboards throughout Chassi continuously update and stream data with our unique AI, so you never miss an opportunity to improve performance.

Focused Alerts

Alerts can be a lot. We make sure you get to decide what alerts you want to see, and then we deliver them via the app, email, or text. Your choice. ​

Activity Livestream

If you’re looking for a firehose of information to really dive into every single change and update in the system, we’ve got that for you too. ​

Advanced Filtering

Drill down by employee, customer, and time to see the exact insights you want for your client. Because data isn’t helpful if it’s too overwhelming, right? ​

Compliance Monitoring

Making changes only matters if your client follows through on them. We show you which changes are sticking, intuitively and as they happen.

Employee Comparisons

Easily see who's adopting new processes, find training opportunities, and take subjectivity out of the equation throughout your engagement. ​

Drive profitability. Enhance client experiences

Management consultants use Chassi to provide more value for their customers and stand out against their competition.