Find Chassi at ASUG Best Practices: SAP Business One on Oct. 29

Our Director of Product Strategy, Lisa Haggard, will showcase how Chassi’s application helps operations leaders solve inefficiencies, scale processes and reduce rework with real-time operational insights.

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Operations leaders are no strangers to persevering through uncertainty. Even before this pandemic, you navigated your days with the guidance of gut instincts and your best guess of what’s actually going on within your operations. 

What other choice did you have? There’s never been a tool that delivers the operational insights you need. Until now.

We’re so excited to be showcasing our unparalleled operational insights application at the ASUG Best Practices: SAP Business One virtual conference from Oct. 27 – 29. 

This highly anticipated event brings together SAP Business One users, partners and creators from around the country to learn how they can best make this powerful tool work for them in 2021 and beyond, catch best-practice presentations, demos on the latest solutions and add-ons, and participate in interactive panel discussions. 

On Thursday, Oct. 29 at 12:25pm CT, Chassi’s Director of Product Strategy, Lisa Haggard, will demonstrate how you can measure what work gets wasted, who’s most proficient in the system and how much effort it takes to support your customers with the help of our application.

Exclusive to SAP Business One, Chassi is the first tool to give you live, intuitive operational insights, so you can confidently solve inefficiencies, scale effective processes and make better, faster decisions for your company.

You’ll finally have the actionable intelligence you need to elevate your team, performance and outcomes without any performance degradation.

Join Chassi in connecting with your SAP Business One peers Oct. 27–29 at ASUG’s virtual conference. There’s still time to register for the complimentary ASUG Best Practices: SAP Business One event.

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