New release: Finally, a single source of truth for your quote-to-cash

Introducing the new Orders Center from Chassi, giving business leaders unmatched visibility into their order process

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You’ll never view your quote-to-cash the same after using our new Orders Center. 

We’re already giving business leaders like you never-before-seen visibility into and measurability of their business operations, specifically their quote-to-cash. With our new Orders Center, we’re turning the spotlight on exactly who’s worked on an order, what they did and when so the entire team can be on the same page. 

“The hours I spend investigating order processes every month to answer misunderstandings amongst the different departments and more importantly, commission timing, is going down,” says Cathy Chambers, Director of Finance at Imagine Technology Group. “We get time back, regained sanity and pure visibility with Chassi!”

Watch how it works:

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Using Orders Center, you’ll have a singular, one-page view of the status of every order in your system and be alerted if any orders are aging and need to be checked on. Where it would take you days to track down an order’s status, you can simply check Chassi and tell the customer while you’re still on the phone.

No more guessing where an order is, missed handoffs between teams or wasting time trying to find bottlenecks within your ERP.  

You can also drill into an individual order and understand the timeline of every update and how each completed document relates to the others, instantly and without any data scientists. 

“We hear every day about how dealers have no idea what’s actually happening and where things get bottlenecked within their quote-to-cash,” says Andrew Zwerner, CEO of Chassi. “The pain is visceral, and we’re thrilled to be solving that for these dealers so they’re free to unlock their true potential.” 

Chassi’s Orders Center is now available within the application. 

If you’re an SAP Business One or FORZA user interested in learning more about how Orders Center can help you, reach out to Andrew Zwerner at andrew@chassi.com or schedule a demo at chassi.com/demo.

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