Celebrate your individuality

No matter where you’re from, how you identify or your socioeconomic status, we believe there is power in diverse experiences. We want you to be seen, heard and appreciated.

What this means for us:

Improving opportunities from every direction

Simply put, the “​opportunity gap” is real. We aim to address that. Our CEO, Andrew Zwerner, along with our Senior Leadership Team have made the commitment to create fair and equitable opportunities for all, while keeping accountability at the forefront. Our goal is to shape a team as diverse as the make-up of those we serve each and every day, at all levels of the business.

Creating an ongoing dialogue

We don’t shy away from tough conversations. In fact, we believe that creating a culture where individuals feel empowered to share their experiences, ideas and take action is key to creating awareness as we learn to look beyond surface-level stereotypes and disrupt unconscious bias.

Paying it forward

Employees are encouraged to disperse into their community to lend their expertise and return to educate their peers on how our actions collectively drive meaningful change, further promoting who we are and who we want to be as we continue to grow.

We’ll be partnering with organizations that:

Focus on eliminating the “​network gap​,” specifically within underrepresented populations.
Foster a passion for mentorship, creativity, innovation and collaboration.
Further emphasize how STEAM, entrepreneurship and leadership skills can transform lives.

Additionally, employee-led community groups will meet on a quarterly basis to organize internal happenings, such as webinars, guest speakers and company initiatives, understanding that sustainable change extends beyond the workplace.

Keeping it real

We understand there is much work to be done. As we grow and iterate, so will our promise to ensure our company is one where individuals feel respected and heard – a true sense of belonging. This is our commitment to our crew, our community and to ourselves, and it’s only the beginning for us.

For more information on our commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity and action, please contact Associate Product Manager, Ruth Hawkins, ​ruth@chassi.com​.

Network gap

The “network gap” refers to the advantage some individuals have over others as a result of their connections. It suggests that where you grow up, study, work, and play can influence one’s access to opportunity – up to a 12x advantage – giving truth to the saying “Your network is your net worth.” However, research shows this is not the case for many minorities seeking to increase the pool of people in a position to elevate them.

Take for example, a ​recent survey​ which found that non-White professionals found it more challenging to find a mentor than their White peers. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Blacks: 63% found it more difficult
  • Indigenous: 52%
  • Latinx: 45%
  • Asian: 41%

Opportunity gap

The “opportunity gap” refers to the arbitrary circumstances in which an individual is born. Think of one’s race, ethnicity, place of residence, and socioeconomic status. These factors are believed to weigh heavily on the hand one is dealt – aka their opportunities in life – rather than all having fair access and opportunity to reach their full potential.

For example, in October 2019, a ​Wired​ survey estimated that Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous people combined, represented only 5% of Silicon Valley firms. Additionally according to the most recent data available via the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission Bureau (2016), Whites made up a whopping 38.7% of professional jobs, 46.5% of management positions, and 58.7% of executive jobs. The second largest population hails from the Asian community with Asian men employed in 25.9% of professional positions, 17.9% of managers, and 16.3% of executives. Meanwhile, Black men represented up only 1.8% of professionals, 1.5% of managers, and represented a slim 1 out of 100 executives. Moreover, Latinx accounted for a meager 3.4% of professionals, 3.6% of managers, and 2.1% of executives.

In short, there is ample opportunity for growth.

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