Chassi partners with SAP to deliver employee performance insights

This new partnership simplifies Chassi implementation, which means our customers get practical insights faster.

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Chassi is pleased to announce a new partnership with SAP and integration with the SAP Business One ERP system. Chassi’s integration is aimed at improving employee performance and operational efficiency within manufacturing and distribution businesses.

Managing employee productivity is getting easier for businesses as Chassi rolls out new tools to track and visualize the work activity that happens across their ERP systems.

“Our integration with SAP Business One allows operations leaders to actually see what’s going on within the system for the first time,” said Chassi CEO, Andrew Zwerner. “It’s a level of visibility that leaders, and their team members, have never had.”

Chassi selected SAP and became a silver partner in February of 2020. SAP’s depth of experience and their extensive customer base made them an ideal partner.

“Our discussions with strategic integrators and ERP customers revealed that there was a huge need for this type of operational and employee performance data,” said Zwerner.

Some of the key questions Chassi answers:

  • How long do orders take to process and fulfill?
  • How is each team member performing across the entire order process?
  • How busy are the people who are doing that work?
  • How productive is that work? (Milestone completion)
  • How does each person’s work compare to others?

Zwerner explained that, “at this stage, we’re having a lot of conversations with market leaders, and working with our Charter Customer group to develop solutions that will serve the needs of manufacturers and distributors.”

As of June, Chassi is still accepting a limited number of businesses into the Charter program. Charter Customers have the opportunity to help guide product direction while receiving custom reporting and insights directly from the Chassi product development team.

Want to see what’s going on inside your business? Contact us, or get in touch with Andrew Zwerner directly.

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