Chassi is now compatible with SAP HANA

Chassi has partnered with Stellar One Consulting to bring unmatched operational insights to companies using SAP’s cloud databases.

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Even more SAP Business One users will soon be making better, faster decisions for their company with Chassi’s unmatched operational insights and HANA Cloud compatibility.

With Chassi, business leaders can stop guessing what’s actually getting done within their SAP Business One ERP system and start seeing it happen live with intuitive, real-time employee performance and operational efficiency visualizations. 

“The feedback we’ve received while building this product has been extremely validating,” says Chassi CEO, Andrew Zwerner. “People don’t believe how granular this visibility can be until they see the product working live. We believe teams deserve to unlock their potential with access to this level of insights.”   

With this new cloud  integration, Chassi now supports SAP Business One clients who use both SQL and HANA on-premise and cloud databases. 

Chassi has also partnered with Stellar One Consulting and plans to roll their product out to 20 SQL and HANA cloud clients, starting in November. 

“We’ve been working closely with Chassi for several months now, so we’re excited to finally be able to offer their invaluable insights to our cloud clients,” says Richard Sellar, Stellar One Consulting’s CEO. “The level of visibility that Chassi delivers is the future of our industry. People are going to be lining up for this.” 

Zwerner says that Stellar One Consulting’s refreshing way of helping clients find success made them an ideal partner for this expansion. 

“The whole industry is moving towards the cloud, so it only made sense to partner with a company that shares that vision,” says Zwerner. “Richard and his team have seen how our product empowers SAP Business One users to level up their entire business, and they’re passionate about making sure their clients benefit from the most innovative solutions in the market today.”

With the SAP HANA compatibility, future Chassi clients can expect a seamless install in 15-minutes or less with no additional time or effort required on their end. Plus, clients will start seeing employee performance insights from the moment they log in.

On day one with Chassi, users will be able to: 

  • Access live team and employee performance insights 
  • See every activity, click, and update within the system, even if it’s not saved by SAP Business One  
  • Track individual documents and get notified of any changes or lack of activity
  • Locate any document, customer or employee from the system instantly with the Rapid Finder 
  • Identify and scale the most effective and efficient processes

Plus, the longer a team uses Chassi, the greater value they’ll get as the captured data builds on itself and creates a more comprehensive picture of the business and processes over time.     

Business leaders ready to inform their decisions with operational insights like they’ve never seen before can contact Chassi or get in touch with Andrew Zwerner directly.

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